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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sanibel Real Estate, New Listing
Beautiful and spacious 2 bedroom and 2 bath condo with the living space of a 3 bedroom unit. The main living area overlooks the courtyard, lush landscaping and the sparkling pool. Large master suite and bath. Like new kitchen that opens to the living/dining area. Guest bedroom offers two double beds. Large owners storage room. Close to the beach and kayaking. Blind Pass is a wonderful family community with great amenities. Asking $569,000

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Blind Pass Restoration Project Update (August 3)

The pass opened Friday night by eroding around the Sanibel side of the remaining sheet pile wall. This area was the last to be dredged and the remaining beach berm was not strong enough to hold.

Approximately half of the sheet pile wall will be removed Monday, August 3. This is being done in an attempt to relieve some of the current in the pass so divers can work to remove the old creosote bridge pilings. If the current is sufficiently reduced, the bridge pilings will be removed prior to the remaining sheet pile wall.

Posting of the Wulfert Flats Pole and Troll zone is scheduled for Tuesday, August 4th.

Below is an aerial taken by the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation on Friday, prior to the breach.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blind Pass Restoration Project Update (July 27)
Completion of the initial dredging is expected by Friday, July 30th. The tentative date for removing the sheetpile wall and 'opening' Blind Pass is Saturday, August 1.

The County intends to authorize additional dredging up to 40,000 cyds with a completion date of October. The additional material will be dependent on the volume of shoaling experienced when the sheetpile wall is removed.

Marking of Wulfert Channel and the 'Pole and Troll' zone in Wulfert Flats is anticipated prior to opening Blind Pass.

The County is removing the old creosote bridge pilings, discovered in the dredge area, on Friday, August 31

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blind Pass Restoration Project Update, July 21, 2009
-The Construction may conclude as early as Wednesday, July 29th pending weather. Current forecasts are favorable through Thursday but do not look good for Friday and Saturday.

-The opening of Blind Pass , or removal of the last sheetpile wall, could occur as early as August 1. The opening will not occur prior to completion of the dredging in the Gulf or prior to marking the Pole & Troll zone in Wulfert Flats.

-Lee County is considering authorizing additional dredging in the Gulf after the pass is ‘opened’ to extend the dredging as long as October. The additional work stems from infilling expected to occur immediately after the sheetpile wall is removed.

-The Contractor is expected to continue working 24 hours per day until the initial work is completed in the Gulf.

-Lee County will be removing up to 20 of the old bridge timber pilings that were found in the channel prior to removal of the sheetpile wall. The total number of pilings still in place from the old bridge is not known.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blind Pass Restoration
Weekly Progress Report
May 3 thru May 23, 2009

The following tasks were completed during the weeks of May 03rd thru May 23rd:

-The Contractor dredged an estimated 13,545 cubic yards during the reporting period. (4,693 cyds during the week of May 23rd). Work efficiency was approximately 31%. The efficiency for the project to date is 41%. Efficiency is calculated as the ratio of total dredging time to total work time.
-The Contractor encountered what is assumed to be a piling from the old temporary bridge on May 15th. The temporary bridge was built to bypass traffic while the current bridge was under construction in the early 80's.
-Production during the reporting period was slowed due to mechanical malfunctions with the booster pump. The additional pump is required to move the shell in the dredge material to the fill site.

The following tasks are anticipated during the week of May 24th thru May 30th:

-A Least Tern nest was identified south of the fill area on Sunday, May 24th. All project personnel and equipment are required to avoid the nest by a minimum of 300 feet.
-The County will locate the old pilings in the dredge area and identify if they should be removed. -Dredging operations are expected to alternate between Dredge 'Nate' in the Gulf and Dredge 'Michael' landward of the remaining sheet pile wall between the hours of 4am and midnight. It is expected ‘Nate’ will work during the morning hours and ‘Michael’ during the evening. It is expected only 1 dredge will work at any given time due to limitations with the booster pump and shell content in the sand.

Outstanding and other Items to Note:

-The required production rate to complete the project by July 8 is 776 cubic yards per day. The project records indicate the Contractor has not maintained this production rate for a period of 7 consecutive days without both dredges operational.
-J.N. 'Ding' Darling NWR and Lee County will be marking the boundaries of the ‘Pole and Troll” zone in Wulfert Flats by July 8th. Enforcement of the zone will begin immediately after the regulatory signs / buoys are installed. Efforts will be made to educate boaters of the new requirements prior to enforcement beginning. Regulations require all outboard motors to be raised out of the water, and vessels to move by trolling motors or other non-mechanical means.

To view the entire update CLICK HERE: ProjectUpdate20052609.pdf

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